Storekeeper Opportunities in Canada

A storekeeper is more than just the face of the store. While a friendly storekeeper maintains a good clientele, she must also be business savvy using math and critical-thinking skills to tally sales, report expenditures and quickly tabulate a customer’s purchases with an applied discount, for example.

The storekeeper must be knowledgeable about the products she sells, understand the business she’s in and appear approachable with employees and customers alike.

Maintains Records

Knowing what inventory the store has when stock is running low and which items customers request is the storekeeper’s responsibility. She keeps detailed inventory records when products are purchased and returned; notes customer’s opinions and arranges for store transfers, compiles a customer mailing list with sale alerts and coupons, and files and updates employee documents as necessary. These records must be tidy and organized for others to understand.

Creates and Receives Orders

The storekeeper keeps detailed records so she knows when to reorder supplies or merchandise. She uses her math and computer skills to generate orders and communicates with sales reps on sizes, fabrics and delivery times, for example. When merchandise arrives, it is her responsibility to unpack shipments, assess the inventory, delegate employees to stock the shelves and send back defective or wrong merchandise in a timely manner.

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